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Role of Municipalities

The Surface Water Advisory Committee consists of a Genesee County representative contracted with the Genesee County Drain Commission- the Phase II decision-making body. Each community has an Advisory Committee representative elected by their local board who votes on behalf of their community. This representative also serves on one of the three sub-committees of the Surface Water Advisory Committee: the Public Education and Participation Sub-committee, the Construction Standards and Practices Sub-committee, and the Monitoring and Mapping Sub-committee.

The Public Education and Participation Sub-committee is responsible for the development of the Public Education Plan, or the Our Water Campaign.

The Construction Standards and Practices Sub-committee is responsible for establishing a unified review process and adopting a standard for best management practices.

The Monitoring and Mapping Sub-committee is responsible for developing the methods that are used to monitor water improvement or degradation.

Each of the sub-committees creates a workgroup where its representatives can work with stakeholders and the public to perform necessary duties. The decisions of the sub-committees are reported to the Surface Water Advisory Committee.