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Progress Reports


Progress reports are required as a part of the permit. Reports are submitted to MIEnviro.

Refer to this updated guidance document if you do not have a MIEnviro account. Some instructions are provided to help you answer the questionnaire and know what information needs to be uploaded.

Things to note: Have a copy of your permit application handy as a reminder of your permit commitments which all need to be reported. The reporting period should be March 1, 2020, through March 1, 2021; check MIEnviro to ensure your reporting period.


Reporting Periods

Progress reports are due to the State by April 1 in the corresponding year below based on available records.


Even Years

  • Flint Township


Odd Years

  • Burton, City of
  • Clio, City of
  • Davison Township
  • Davison, City of
  • Fenton Township
  • Fenton, City of
  • Flushing, City of
  • Genesee Township
  • Grand Blanc, City of
  • Linden, City of
  • Mt. Morris Township
  • Mt. Morris, City of
  • Swartz Creek, City of
  • Vienna Township


Progress Reports


Questionnaire Forms for Progress Reports


Progress Reports