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Guidance and Training


Industrial Stormwater Program

Michigan's industrial stormwater permit authorization requires facilities to obtain an industrial stormwater certified operator who supervises the stormwater treatment and control measures at the facility. In addition, the facility must develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), which describes nonstructural and structural controls implemented on-site and eliminate any unauthorized non-stormwater discharges. Sample SWPPP for Recycling Facilities

The certification process for industrial stormwater certified operators is currently ongoing in each district office.

The following are several videos produced by the EGLE on SWPPP through their Industrial program.

Introduction to the Industrial Storm Water Program (March 2009). This session provides an overview of the DEQ's Storm Water Program, including how you determine if your facility needs a stormwater permit. (Approx. 10 minutes)

Storm Water Employee Training (March 2009). Employee training is a required and essential part of an effective stormwater pollution protection program. This session explains the importance of preventing contamination from stormwater runoff and ways employees can be involved at your facility. This session is designed to meet the permit requirements for employee training. Note that this file is large; therefore, you may want to download it if you have trouble viewing the session. (Approx. 17 minutes)

What to Expect During an EGLE Storm Water Inspection (March 2009). Do you know what the EGLE will be looking for when conducting a stormwater inspection at your facility? This session explains the elements of a typical stormwater inspection. (Approx. 4 minutes)


Permit Application and General Permit Information

2013 Permit Application Training - November 6, 2013, Mundy Township Hall


Illicit Discharge Elimination Program

Guidance Documents


IDEP General Overview Training - June 3, 2021


Additional Training

  • North Central Texas Council Governments has produced a comprehensive video for IDEP training found here.


Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

Guidance Documents


Good Housekeeping Part I Training- June 10, 2021


Good Housekeeping Part II Training- June 17, 2021


Good Housekeeping Training- October 2010

  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Video Recording (email Genesee County staff)


EGLE Information

Whether you are an agency that does their own or contracts it out, the procedures have been updated on the following activities:



Guidance and Training